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Alexander Art Trail (AAT) was initiated with an expensive collection of hand carved statues, sponsored by private donations channeled through a non-profit organization. The trail provides our community and other artists a new avenue to display their work. They can showcase their work a) on the Art Trail itself, b) on our web site or c) both. The long term effects of the severe, international recession on the art world are well known. Hence artists in the foreseeable future will have to rely more on co-operative efforts. Our Art Trail is such an endeavor.  Two types of guest  exhibits are welcome:  

1) Short term exhibits can range from a month to the entire summer-fall season in length. Large sculptures can be accommodated outside, i.e. will be subject to the weather, but smaller items can be protected from rain and wind in glass front outdoor display cases.

2) Long term exhibits can be accepted on  loan or  as outright gifts. If the artist desires to advertise, a prominently displayed address can be placed next to the art work. Additional information about the works of art can be provided on our web page.  However,AAT will not act as a sales agent nor charge a commission. That will be up to the artists or their representatives.

Guest exhibits will be accepted only on the condition of the artist and/or sponsor assuming the risks of weather damage,vandalism or theft as well as liability for accidents related to the art work on display. AAT does not plan to provide  insurance for any of the guest exhibits.


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